Paddle Bash Friday – New Swan Friday Time Trials Spring Format – Starts 2/9/05


We will trial a new format for the Spring Friday night time trial series.

There will be 3 and possibly 5 different classes:

1.       Composite boats (kayaks and ski’s)
2.       Plastic > 4.5 metres
3.       Plastic < 4.5 metres
4.       Doubles (mixed) at least 3 to make a class
5.       Doubles (male) at least 3 to make a class.

Plastics < 4.5 metres will start at 6.05pm each Friday  [note 3]
Plastics > 4.5 metres will start at 6.10pm each Friday
Composites              will start at 6.15pm each Friday

Great prizes donated by Mainpeak for the winner of each class based on points. A price each night, and major prizes for most points in each class at the end of the series. As you see regular participation helps!

Fridays are also Club night at Swan so come and socialise too!

Points are allocated for: 

– Finishing an allocated race (1 point)
– Personal best for last two time trial series only (1 point)  [note 1]

 – On twist night getting cross dressed or in a mixed double.   (1 point)  [note 2]

 Note1 :-  All Personal bests made before this year are now not considered as your PB for this series.  So if the years have made you a bit slower and you are not likely to beat those PB’s from previous years, your problems are gone.

 Note 2 :- The twist night is a mixed doubles race so dig up a double kayak or ski. If you get two of the same sex in the one craft then one must be crossed dressed. If you are in a single craft then you must be crossed dressed. If you meet one of those three principles you get one point. There will be a BBQ afterwards (so we can have a laugh). Best costume as voted by attendees gets an extra point.

 Note 3:- Plastic < 4.5 metres will do a 6 km race when 12km is allocated for the night. 







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