Walpole Trip – 2005/2006


27 Dec 05 to 2 Jan 06


About 19 happy paddlers came and went from Walpole over the New Year period.  The campsite at Coalmine Beach was a great location and well set up with many trees providing shade and a feeling of (almost) being in the bush.  Some stayed for a week, some stayed for a few days.  The weather wasnÕt hot, but there was very little rain and an ideal temperature for paddling and walking.


There were no organized activities for the week and everyone made up there mind in the morning which way they were heading and groups went off in all directions.  There was plenty of paddling, walking, surfing and sightseeing done as well as plenty of chill out time at the camp.  Evenings began with a bbq on one of the campsites.


Just about everyone paddled the Frankland River at some stage over the week.  Various groups headed off there at different times.  Most paddled from Nornalup to the Monastery Jetty about 5 or 6 km upstream.  Maggie and Terry paddled from Nornalup back to Coalmine Beachone day.  The Frankland is a beautiful paddle, big tall trees either side of the river and totally protected from the wind.  The water is like glass with beautiful reflections from all the trees on the river bank.


Another river paddle was the Deep River.  Jennifer, Laura and one of the Robs headed off for a paddle there one day.  ÔPlenty of log jams and out of the boat more than in itÕ was one description, however a beautiful paddle all the same.


Paddling in the inlet was also great.  The area at the mouth of the Nornalup Inlet is stunning, big granite boulders, lush green trees, calm turquoise waters and beautiful sandy beaches.  A group headed off over there from the campsite at Coalmine beach one day, Chris, Gina, Glenn, Lesley, Jennifer and Laura.  It was a great paddle over as the wind hadnÕt picked up at that stage and a stunning sight at the mouth.  They bumped in to Terry who was over there fishing (allegedly Ð we didnÕt see any fish).  The paddle back was interesting as the wind had picked up considerably (about 5-6 kms each way).


Glenn and Lesley paddled over there again with Steve the following day.  This time leaving from just up the Deep River.   Again a beautiful paddle and more protected from the wind on the return journey.


Many spent time walking amongst the tall trees.  A group one day headed out from the camp and along the Bibblemun track up the hill to the tall tingle trees.  Another day they headed off to Mount Frankland.


Other popular places to visit were, Greens Pool, Peaceful Bay and the surf beach a few kms down the road.  Russell was off on his surfboard each day and joined a few times by others in their playboats.



In the evening everyone congregated around the campfire on one of the sites.  A bbq dinner was usually on the menu.  A few glasses of wine usually followed which in turn was followed by the usual level of stories and noise.  New Years eve was a great night for those who managed to see the night out (IÕd say they didnÕt make it because of their age, but there was one not so old member who passed out at about 10 Ð not before whacking every guy in sight at least 10 times each, should I mention names? Ð your nice girl reputation would be destroyed forever).  The usual resolutions were made, the most humorous being ÒIÕm going to listen moreÓ and was that a romantic liaison brewing (just who was that sneaking off to the beach to look at the stars?).


Thanks Maggie for booking the campsites and making it all happen.  Thanks to everyone for attending and bringing along a sense of humour and desire to have fun.

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