Augusta – Easter 2006


Easter saw about ninteeen swan canoeists heading off to Augusta, sixteen camping at Turner Caravan Park in town and 3 ferels off in the bushes (just what were they up to in there??).
The campsites were under some big shady trees and a short kayak carry to the river.  Most people arrived on Friday and a few headed off for a short warm up paddle down to the mouth of the river on Friday afternoon.
On Saturday about 12 of us headed off on a long paddle upstream, headed for Molloy Island.  It was a beautiful morning, sunshine, no wind and glassy waters as we headed off.  It wasn’t long before we passed a pod of dolphins, a regular site in the Blackwood River Inlet area.  With a stop for morning tea and some very shallow waters along the way, we finally made it round the far side of the island and found a muddy place to put in and stop for lunch.  While there for lunch the 3 ferels showed up out of the bushes, one clad in his speedos – leaving young George (Lesley’s son) to ponder “does he really think that’s a good look? – should we tell him that its not? – if no one tells him, he may never know”
We paddled back around the other side of the island before heading back up the inlet to Augusta against a much stronger sea breeze.  The round trip was about 18 km, so there were a few tired bodies by the evening.
The rest of the weekend was spent, fishing, visiting wineries, the lighthouse, Margaret River and the usual campsite sitting and talking.
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