Nanga Trip Report and Photos – Sept 2006 – CALL OF THE WILD!!


Here’s a few words about our wonderful,warm and friendly weekend, wildwater escape! Lets start with a big thanks to all who gave up time and energy to organise Nanga.Then thanks to all who came and created the free and easy atmosphere that is so typically our scene on Swan Canoe Club trips. Oh yes, it’s true! All we really need is our toys and some friends to play with?!  And moving water.

So, at least 25 Swan canoe club members participated this year. Many of us had the date highlighted in our diaries since the beginning of the year, Nanga is very special, you have to try it to understand why. Nestled in the forest near Dwellingup, just metres from the Murray River and some wonderful bush tracks is our accomodation that is Nanga Bush Camp. This is a safe haven for wildlife and some WILD LIFE! Some paddled the Middle Murray on Saturday, some followed ‘Colonel Ian’-(he loves it!), into the bush for a long walk…” briefing everybody!”… and others paddled up-stream and back to get practice in the moving water. When all this was over we had wonderful food and drink and log fires, music, laughter and chat! After our gourmet lasagne we were treated to a speech fom Craig. His secret is out! We had all been searching for hours last year at Nanga for his car keys…we didn’t find them, Jenn drove him back for his spares…then he confessed this year after dinner and wine, that last year he found them in HIS POCKET when he got home! He has kept this secret for a year. And now he expects us all to still be his friends!  No worries really mate.  One thing in his favour though, he did scull a drink from Colin Scully’s recently used wetsuit booty as punishment – hope that throat tinea is coming along OK Craig.

Many of us sneaked off for time out alone too, places to meditate, practice yoga, run, walk and hide! That is Nanga. The Roundhouse Accomodation worked really well this year too! We were all so courteous towards others sleeping behind those curtained bunks…” just who am I sleeping next to I wonder?”.  Then stealing out early to be first in the shower and kitchen I bump into Laura and we raid the remains of  last nights apple crumble for breakfast! Colin lights us a log fire to sit beside outside and we watch the birdlife until Gisella arrives in her beautiful pyjamas to identify the birds. Rob (lieutenant) appears in similar whacky night attire but Jan’s pyjamas steal the show. Pure Japanese Silk.

Sunday is another full on paddle day for most, Upper Murray conditions were perfect for the novices and Angie attempted her first rapids, loving the new challenge. Aaron and Co. went back for more Middle Murray Madness and a great days paddling was had by all. Thanks to all instructors and trainee instructors for making these events possible.

See you next year! Lesley.

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