Blackwood 3-5 Nov 2006 – Trip Report & Photos


Another of the club signature trips has come and gone and for those that weren’t there, you missed another great trip.  Thirteen attendees this year, Colin and Gail, Geoff and Henrietta, Gisela, Colin Scully, Richard and Fiona, Paul and Rory, Rob and Lesley and Glenn.

We had a new campground this year as the old one at Shep Rd has finally been closed by the orange bellied frog (the frogs had organised a picket line to keep us out).  The new site is only a short drive away, but about 4 km by the river.  It has a nice big flat area and we were able to spread out amongst the trees.
This meant our first day’s paddle was about 21 km, from Sue’s Bridge to the campsite.  The river was a bit lower this year than some previous years, leaving a few gentle rapids between the long pools.  Its a beautiful paddle amongst the forest and tall trees.  The excitment of the day was a very low footbridge accross the river, which meant; take out and drag around or eskimo roll underneath.  The first group wimped out and all carried around (and yes el presidente, Geoff Emery was in that group).  The he-men in the second group, led by 13 year old Rory, decided on the rolling option, and somehow they all made it.
Dinner was held around the campfire where we all caught up on where we’ve been and where we’re planning on going next. Peru, Argentina, Alaska and Spain all got a mention.
The second day was a much shorter paddle, about 8 km, down to Warner Glen Bridge.  Another very pretty and peaceful paddle with a small rapid or two.  Then it was a bbq lunch and on the road headed for home.
Thanks to Colin Priest and Geoff for organising another great weekend (and emptying the porta-dunny).  Thanks to Gisela and Colin Scully for assisting with the instructor duties and to everyone for making it a great social weekend.  And thanks again to Gisela for the photos.
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