Blackwood Paddle 2008 trip report


The annual Swan Canoe Club, Blackwood Trip on the 1st November 2008 found sixteen paddlers enjoying the sunshine and beautiful weather.

The water levels weren’t high but the rapids, such as they were, still entertained everyone. What wasn’t so entertaining was the twenty-one kilometre paddle on the Saturday in a short boat. Aaron, Colin and Geoff can all testify to that and we became good at wash riding the bigger kayaks.

Thanks to Gail Priest for the photographs, but what a shame she didn’t get a photo of Colin rolling twice, after being hit on the head by a branch after a failed tail stand! Or alternatively¬†a photograph of Gail being capsized by the out of control double canoe would have been a great shot! I’m sad to report that the Priest’s were the only capsizers! Maybe the rest of us weren’t trying hard enough.

Otherwise the weekend was good fun with a relaxing overnight at Shep Rd and a BBQ on Sunday at Chapman Pool. A good time was had by all.

Geoff Emery.

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