Club Boat Hire


The Club hires boats to members for sanctioned Club activities which include: Club organised training courses and Club trips. The Club may also hire boats for some low-damage-risk private paddles and races.

The final decision will be made by the Boat Officer or SCC Committee.

Boat Hire Rules

  1. Only SCC members may hire boats and they cannot be hired on behalf of non-members.
  2. Only plastic boats are available for hire. Composite (fibreglass/carbon/kevlar) boats are too easily damaged to hire out.
  3. You need to have both roof racks and kayak cradles to transport the boat. If you don’t have these, you will either need to arrange the appropriate transport or purchase them before hiring. The boats get quite badly damaged when carried without cradles.
  4. You pay for the number of days the boat is away from the Club.
  5. The cost is $33 per day including GST. This includes hire of a PFD and paddle if required.
  6. You can pay an extra $10 per boat per day for a spray deck. Please be careful to try these on the boat before you leave the Club, as boats have differing sized cockpits and you have to size the spray deck to the boat.
  7. Payment is on invoice by direct transfer to the Club bank account.
  8. Please check that the boat is in working order before leaving the Club.
  9. Please fill in the ‘Club Craft Usage Log’ at the stand-up desk in the foyer when removing the boat from the Club.
  10. If the boat is damaged in any way while in your care, please advise the Boat Officer, fill out the ‘Club Craft Repairs Log’ at the stand-up desk in the foyer and follow the repairs process as documented in the front of the logbook. Damaged boats can be a hazard for the next paddler.
  11. If the boat has been damaged due to carelessness or negligence you will be requested to contribute to some or all of the repair costs. If a boat is damaged beyond repair, it may need to be replaced by you at the cost of an equivalent new model.
  12. Please be sure to keep spray decks, paddles, life-jackets and pod-covers inside the car when travelling as they may fly out of canoes if they are stored in or on them when driving.
  13. Lost items will need to be paid for at the cost of an equivalent, new replacement.
  14. All craft and equipment should be thoroughly cleaned on return and replaced to the correct racks.

To enquire about Club Boat Hire please contact

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