Join us for a social evening with a BBQ and DVD on sea kayaking June 2014


 Peer Group Paddlers

A meeting of interest paddlers in river touring and sea kayaking was held at the Club House recently, to discuss the formation of a Wednesday evening club group.

Topics discussed included: 

  • Up skilling and training for rescues, towing and general safety matters.
  • The Australian Canoeing Awards for sea kayakers, in particular the Introduction to Sea Skills Award.
  • Future sea kayak and river touring trips.
  • The continuation of the Wednesday “Club Night” and it’s format.

 There was a general consensus that even informal training would be of interest and the Wednesday evening session, particularly during the Spring and Summer period, would be a good opportunity to learn and practise these skills. For those unable to attend the mid week meetings it was suggested that a one off, weekend session could be arranged. There was also an expression of interest in learning Rolling, and this could be accommodated.

 The Intro to Sea Skills Award was explained to the group and there was some overall discussion of the Awards Scheme in general. At this stage any interest was limited to an informal approach on an individual bases and mainly to the Into to Sea Kayaking Award.

 The meeting was advised that a sea kayak trip, was proposed for  next year in April or May, in either the Shark Bay or Ningaloo areas. Lead up sessions, including overnight camps and “How to sessions”, such as loading a sea kayak, would be available during the Spring and Summer months. These will be organised by the Club, to assist Members in gaining the required skill sets. Interest was shown in the trip and more details will be available in due course.

 In general, trips were discussed, and the Sea Symposium next year in Albany was also mentioned, with some Members indicating that they would attend. It was proposed to start an informal “peer activity” group email address list, so that interested Members could arrange inpromptu paddles, amongst themselves. It was explained at the meeting that a peer activity had no input from Instructors or Guides, and that it was the responsibility of the individual paddler for the suitability of their equipment and themselves for the activity.

 The continuation of the Wednesday meetings was discussed by the group and Members were encouraged to recommend it to other Club Members. The group also agreed that the meeting should be open to all Canoeing WA affiliated club members. The meetings will be held monthly, but a paddling session is held each week at approx. 4:30 pm, and all are invited to attend. 

 A BBQ was held after the meeting and it proved to be a good opportunity to socialise with other like minded paddlers. DVD’s were shown on Sea Kayaking, some of the surfing clips were particularly spectacular.

 Thanks go to all who attended and for their input into the meeting.

 Further meetings will be advised in due course, on this web site, and all Members are welcome to attend either future “Club Nights” or paddling sessions.

 Contact: Geoff Palmer or

             Colin Priest for further information.



Interested in up- skilling, planning next year’s sea kayak trips, or have you been on an interesting sea kayaking trip and would like to share your experience with us?

Come and join us for an evening to explore what the club can offer you and help you develop your skills. A great chance to see how you can enhance your personal skill levels and enjoy your kayaking more.

We will also explore next year’s sea kayak trips and want your input as to where you want to go and what sort of trips you are looking for.

Please bring your own food and drink for a BBQ, before a DVD on sea kayak trips from around the world.

Great chance to meet fellow paddlers, socialise and have your input into our future kayaking trips.

To get an idea of numbers please email Geoff Palmer

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