Notice of Annual General Meeting


On Tuesday 16th June at 7pm the Club will be holding its AGM at the clubrooms, 16 Johnson Street, Mosman Park.  All members are welcome and encouraged to attend. Below is the agenda and information regarding office bearers and the proposed motions.


Swan Canoe Club  

7pm, 16 June 2015, at the Swan Canoe Club – 16 Johnson Parade Mosman Park

  1. Opening of Meeting – Chairman’s Welcome
  2. Apologies
  3. Confirmation of Minutes of previous Annual General Meeting
  4. Business arising from the last AGM
  5. Presentation of President’s Report
  6. Presentation of Treasurer’s Report
  7. Election of New Committee Members: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Officer and three general committee members
  8. Election of other roles within Swan Canoe Club
  9. Notices of Motion:
    i: Authorise the Committee to complete the approved but postponed clubroom extensions to expand the balcony area, expected to cost around $50,000.
    ii: Consider honorary life membership for Colin Priest
  10. Other General Business
    Do we encourage stand-up paddlers to become members and dedicate some storage space for SUPs
    How to commemorate the Club’s 50th birthday
  11. Closure of Meeting

Information regarding the AGM:

Committee Roles

All current office bearers will stand down, and nomination and voting on the new committee for 2015-16 will take place. This is the time for you to consider what you can do for the club. To aid you in deciding if you wish to stand for the committee or one of the club posts, the following is an overview of the roles in the club.

President: Co-ordinates and supervises the office bearers/committee and Activities of the club, chairs the committee meetings and delegates jobs/roles and activities to other club members as necessary. The president also acts as a liaison between the Club, Canoeing WA and other Canoe clubs, by attending the Presidents meetings every 3 months and keeping in contact with the CWA chief exec officer. Replies to emails/calls concerning the club from members, CWA and external individuals and if required represents the club at external meetings/social gatherings.

Vice President: Supports the role of the president, stands in as chair at committee meetings if the President unavailable. Takes on jobs/roles as required by the president. Being VP does not necessarily mean that the next year the individual becomes president, however it is seen as a way of learning the role.

Secretary: Is responsible for recording the minutes of committee meetings, AGM and any special general meetings. Also to conduct and keep records of all club correspondence both in paper and electronic form. Maintaining the club notice boards and sending out emails/newsletters to club members.

Treasurer: Records and monitors the clubs’ finances, updates the committee monthly on transactions and account balances and prepares the accounts yearly for auditing. Pays the Club’s bills and outgoings as sanctioned by the committee.

Membership Officer: Responsible for the database of members, ensures that new members are put off and those that have left have been removed.  Updates the website every quarter to amend the membership costs throughout the year. Fields enquiries from prospective members and every wet induction night is available to welcome new members and assign them their key. Monitors the allocation of the key fobs and when required replaces lost ones.

Other Important Roles

The above are seen as the key posts that are required to sit on the committee. However there are other roles that are just as important to the running of the Club, but do not necessarily need the individuals to be on the committee:

Webmaster: Responsible for keeping the SCC website up to date. Does not necessarily have to write everything, it’s up to the committee/training and development/social and members to send things to the webmaster for inclusion on the website.

Boat Space Co-ordinator: Allocates and monitors the boat spaces within the club. Liaises quite closely with the membership officer, in checking that boats are being stored by current members and that they are being stored in the right place!

Boat Hire Officer: Co-ordinates the requests from club members who wish to hire club boats for trips/courses away from the club.

Social Co-ordinator: As head of the social committee organises the social functions on behalf of the club, e.g. monthly BBQs, post Avon Descent gathering and annual Christmas party.

Clubroom Hire Officer

Trip Coordinator

Open Day Coordinator

Rod Fry Race Coordinator

Safety & Security Officer

Assets Officer

Boat Repair Coordinator

Paddle Bash Coordinator

Marathon Representative

Sea Kayaking Representative

Slalom Representative

Sprint Representative

Wild Water Representative

A list of these roles and current holders is on the website – see About Us > Key Contacts.

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