Newsletter 14th July 2015


AGM Elections
‘Find a paddle buddy’ at SCC
Sea lions spotted
Coming Events

AGM Elections

Thanks to all who attended our recent AGM. We have several new committee members:

Sou Si Leong – Treasurer

Evie Ferrier – Membership

Roland Bodt & Andy Hewlett – committee

We still need volunteers for the following positions:

Social activities coordinators

Open Day coordinator (Oct 18th)

Clubroom hiring promotion

All Club position holders and contacts can been found at this web page.

And special thanks go to Julie Wheelhouse who has been Treasurer for four years and is stepping aside over the next six months during the hand-over to Sou Si.

The President’s report for 2015 can be found at this link.

The Training and Development report for 2015 can be found at this link (we failed to have this on the agenda of the AGM – sorry T&D!).

‘Find a paddle buddy’ at SCC

This secure and private SCC Facebook Group has been running for a few months now and has about 35 members.  It allows SCC members to propose or find paddles of a certain nature and timing.  To join this group you first need to join Facebook and then request to become a paddle buddy group member via our Membership Officer.  If you use Facebook carefully none of your information etc will be made public.  Note these are peer paddles as explained here.

Sea lions spotted

Two Saturday’s ago a group of early morning paddlers were very excited to have a close encounter with two sea lions heading upstream near the East Fremantle yacht club, so keep an eye out for these wonderful creatures.

Coming Events (see our website calendar for full details):

Regular Peer Paddles – read what this means here:
Saturday: meet at about 10am at Walter’s Café, Pt Walter
Tuesday: leave at 9:30am for a trip to Walter’s Café, Pt Walter
Friday: leave at 9:00am for a trip to Zephur Café, East Fremantle

18 July                   Sea Kayak Trip
19 July                   Introduction to Kayaking (course)
25 July                   Introduction to White Water (course)
26 July                   Moore River Paddle
1 August              Guided Paddle to Pt Walter
8 August              Walyunga to Bells
16 August            Serpentine Paddle