Have you always wanted to know how to use a VHF marine radio properly?

Wayne Baddock, from Sea Soaring Marine, provides much more than just a theory course. You will use radios to demonstrate log on, be involved in a Mayday scenario and simulate new Digital Select Calling technology.  Products such as floating handheld VHF handheld marine radios and EPIRBs will also be demonstrated. This course will provide you with the practical skills and background knowledge to use your radio with confidence and keep you and your crew safer on the water. Wayne has the teaching background, experience and qualifications to make the course interesting and beneficial for all recreational and commercial boat owners. He will also provide participants with WA VHF radio and repeater base information, for those who seek to enjoy the vast WA coastline.

COURSE DATE: Saturday, January 30 2016

TIME: 0900 – 1600 hrs

LOCATION: Swan Canoe Club- 16 Johnson Parade, Mosman Park.

COST- $280.00pp ( incl GST ) Includes:

Marine radio license and exam fee ( $80 ), course summary notes for pre-reading, VHF Marine Radio Operator’s Handbook, handouts, pre-exam revision questions; VHF practical radio exercises and mayday scenario.

WHAT TO BRING: Passport size photo, course summary notes, food/drink, keenness to learn!

For further information or to book for this course contact:

Geoffrey Emery
Swan Canoe Club Instructor
0403 604 082

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