Newsletter 13th May 2016


Flatwater paddling technique – this Sat!
AGM Moved to June 28th
Additional Tuesday Peer Paddle
New skis purchased

Flatwater paddling technique – this Sat!

This Saturday 14/5, Amanda Simper will be talking flatwater paddling technique.  Upstairs at the club at 1.30pm, for about an hour. This is primarily for paddlers on skis or in kayaks with rudders, using wing paddles, but all members are welcome.  This is a general talk (rather than individual stroke correction), where she’ll go through posture, hand position, stroke shape etc.  It’s aimed at paddlers with some experience, but will definitely touch on the things that novice paddlers need to know.  Then getting on the water about 2.30pm for a couple of 3km time trials to test out what you’ve taken in!

She’s not expecting to get the opportunity to give much technique feedback on-water this Saturday, but plan on paddling at 8am on Saturdays after this with a group of ski paddlers from Swanbourne Surf Club with fairly diverse range of paddling ability/fitness.  Swan paddlers are welcome to join in. More details here.

Annual General Meeting – moved to June 28th 7pm  (Tuesday)

Our accounts are not yet audited, so we need to move the AGM back to June 28th at 7pm. Please keep this date free and attend this important meeting to learn about the Club and contribute your ideas.  And there are lots of small and larger jobs that you could consider volunteering for to help keep the Club ticking over.

New additional time for our Tuesday Peer Paddle

For all those interested in paddling with company on Tuesdays to Pt Walter, but who hate a 7:30am start!  From next Tuesday, 17th May, we will have two paddle groups – one will leave the club at 7:30am and the new one will leave the Club at 9:30am.  When the weather is perfect we will go the long way via Claremont. Tuesday sessions are designed for novices. Remember these are both PEER paddles – read about what this means here please.

Our Friday Peer Paddle to Zephyr is much longer and so suitable for people with confidence on the water and reasonable fitness. The group is big enough to split into abilities.  It still leaves at 7:30am.

New composite skis purchased

Your committee has purchased (with your money!) two new Stellar S18 Sports composite skis for use by more advanced paddlers.  These are fragile craft and they have a protruding rudder, so great care must be exercised when handling and paddling them – please look after them and follow these rules:

  • Must be launched in knee deep water parallel to the shore
  • Exit while in the water, parallel to the shore
  • Never run up into the shore!
  • Place on side or deck when off water
  • Take extra care of the rudder – it’s fragile
  • Wash down with fresh water after use
  • Open the small front hatch to air the inside when store (not the rear hatch)
  • Store with nose facing the roller doors

And as with all Club boats, record every outing in the book in the foyer.

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