Sale of surplus club boats:

Swan Canoe Club is disposing of a number of older kayaks and skis as part of the regular renewal of the club fleet (list below).
The following boats are available for purchase by club members on an as seen, as is basis. The boats can be inspected at the club boat shed and are currently tagged with a for sale notice and you can check the asset number against the list (this is usually a red tag attached to the stern deck handle or rudder assembly). 

Members interested in purchasing a boat are encouraged to provide a bid by email to the club administrator by COB from Friday 27th October – Friday 10 Nov. Boats will be sold to the highest bidder and must be removed from the club within 1 week.

Boats not sold after this process will be sold on the open market.
Enquiries to: Dave Gilbert (Boat officer) 0459 848 340, or
Olivia (Club Administrative Officer) 0405 565 495.
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