Club Boat Use


Some guidance for the use of club craft

  1. Wearing a PFD is recommended
  2. Always paddle with a buddy
  3. Please fill in the ‘Club Craft Usage Log’ at the stand-up desk in the foyer
  4. Only embark and disembark with craft parallel to beach or jetty and fully floating
  5. Don’t run Club boats onto beach or over rocks (particularly important for composite craft)
  6. Avoid putting full body weight on areas behind cockpit of composite boats
  7. Ensure rudders/skegs are raised prior to embarking or disembarking
  8. Ensure skis or K1s with underneath rudders are embarked or disembarked in deep water
  9. Check hatches and bungs are in place and watertight before paddling
  10. Hose down boats and equipment after use (including internally around footrest, rudder and other fittings)
  11. Ensure all sand and debris is emptied from the cockpit as these damage fittings
  12. Empty boats of all water using a two person tip or the sponges provided before storing
  13. Store in correct boat bays
  14. Use boats for trips from the clubhouse
  15. Try your hand at different styles of boats
  16. Plastic boats can be booked for trips away from Club
  17. Fibreglass / composite craft can’t be used away from Club without permission from Boat Officer
  18. Participate in Club events and training
  19. Ask for advice when buying your own craft
  20. If a boat is damaged in any way please fill out the ‘Club Craft Repairs Log’ at the stand-up desk in the foyer and follow the repairs process as documented in the front of the logbook, damaged boats can be a hazard for the next paddler.

Club craft are for the use of all members, repairs are costly and time consuming, please treat craft with the care, as you would your own belongings

If a boat is damaged due to carelessness or negligence you may be requested to contribute to some or all of the repair costs, if a boat is damaged beyond repair, it may need to be replaced by you at the cost of an equivalent new model

Additional guidance for the use of composite club craft

This includes Stellar 14 and Stellar 15 touring kayaks, Stellar 18 skis, Grafton sport and other TK1s, Sprint K1s and junior Guppys

  1. Ensure craft are fully floating in deep water off the jetty when entering or exiting, running these craft onto the beach or launching by pushing off the beach will result in undue wear and damage.
  2. If you have any questions on the use of these craft please contact a Club Instructor, Committee Member or the Boat Officer.
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