Committee Update # 5 COVID-19


Dear Members

Based on recent announcements we can expect the current COVID-19 restrictions to be in place for at least another 4 weeks. At this stage we are not aware of any changes that will specifically affect paddle sports or our Club.

To ensure our ongoing ability to enjoy paddling exercise please ensure you comply with all directives which are necessary to meet Government and Town of Mosman Park requirements.

To recap the current status:

  • Access to the Club is only to the boat shed via the roller door.
  • Access to the Club can only be by members for the purpose of collecting craft and equipment  for their personal use (no non-member use allowed).
  • Social distancing must be complied with at all times – in the boat shed, on the boat ramps and on the water.
  • Paddling can be in groups of 2 whilst maintaining social distancing, or with your household that may be more than 2 people. Double craft can only be used within households. Groups of 2 is encouraged for water safety reasons.
  • All craft and equipment is to be washed down before and after use.

Stay safe.



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