Boat Shed Works and Temporary Closure


Structural remediation is required on the boat shed and Town of Mosman Park have advised today that this will be undertaken during the week of Monday 18th May to Friday 22nd May. To facilitate these works ALL BOATS MUST BE REMOVED from the OLD SHED by SUNDAY 17th MAY and ACCESS TO ALL BOAT SHEDS WILL BE LIMITED

Members with Boats Stored in the Old Shed
If you have a boat stored in the OLD SHED – ie the eastern shed – you can assist in the following ways:
1. Ideally remove your boat by Saturday 16th May and store at home until Saturday 23rd May
2. If you can not remove your boat, please mark your boat with your name and boat space allocation so that it can be stored and returned to the correct place

All Members
To enable the work to be completed in a safe and efficient manner access to the whole boat shed (including NEW – ie western shed) will not be possible between 7am and 5pm Monday 18th May to Friday 22nd May

If anyone is available to assist with boat moves, or a working bee to clean up the Old Shed while it is empty please get in contact on

Further Update 11th May – Boat Shed Works
Saturday 16th to Saturday 23rd May

You will have received an email late on Friday advising of the remedial structural works required on the boat shed. Thank you to those that have moved their boats and those that have volunteered to assist.

Following is the roster of assistance required, if you can help please email the date and your mobile phone on :
Sat 16th afternoon – moving boats
Sun 17th morning – moving boats / clean out
Thur 21st afternoon – clean out / moving boats (hopefully if work is completed or near completed)
Fri 22nd afternoon – moving boats
Sat 23rd morning – (hopefully we won’t need this session)

OLD Boat Shed (east) NOT accessible NEW Boat Shed (west) NOT accessible during works
7am to 5pm Monday 18th to Friday 22nd May