Boat Auction – Clearance Sale


Update Post Auction

Remaining boats are now available by donation of $50 – $100 on a first comes first served basis. Please email your offer.

Lot 1 to 11 is offered to SCC Members and the broader paddling community with no reserve pricing

Auction Opens – Friday 4th December 9 am

Auction Closes – Thursday 17th December 12 midnight

Auction Process:

  • Boats can be viewed in the boatshed – locations noted below.
  • Craft may be tested on the water by members on the condition that they are washed and replaced in the relevant racks immediately after. Non-members should contact Dave Gilbert for access (0459 848 340).
  • Bids can be placed via email only ( from Auction Open to Auction Close, any bids received outside this time will not be accepted.
  • Bids must state the LOT number, bid amount and bidders name.
  • A new bid from the same person for the same craft will supersede their previous bids.
  • Contingent bids will be accepted if preference is clearly stated – eg LOT 1 $100, LOT 2 $100 if didn’t win LOT 1, LOT 5 $150 if didn’t win LOT 1 or LOT 2.
  • The winning bidders will be notified via email including payment instructions on Friday 18th December.

Auction Conditions:

  • Craft are sold ‘as is’, the club takes no responsibility for any defects or repairs which may be required.
  • Payment by the winning bidder must be made via direct deposit by Monday 21st of December. Details will be provided with notification of winning bid.
  • Craft do not come with any rights to boat storage and must be removed from club premises as soon as possible (after payment).
  • There is no reserve on the craft and the highest bidder will be the winning bid. Where there are two or more bids of the same value the earliest bid will be the winner.
  • Unsold boats will be sold to the public via Gumtree or similar at the Boat Officers discretion.

Boats for Auction are stored in the following racks:

Not for auction Not for auction Not for auction
B-4-10 B-4-11 Not for auction
B-3-10 B-3-11 B-3-12
B-2-10 B-2-11 B-2-12
B-1-10 B-1-11 B-1-12

Prijon Fly
Small playboat, suit teen or small adult
0026 – LOT 1 – SOLD

Finnatic Playboat
Suit teen or small adult
Purple/ blue
0422 – LOT 2 – SOLD

Dagger Transition
Low volume playboat
Suit teenager or small adult

No number – LOT 3 – SOLD

Jackson Creek Boat
High volume
Excellent condition
0431 – LOT 4 – SOLD

Perception Corsica
0017 – LOT 5 – SOLD

Plastic white water kayak
0144 – LOT 6 – SOLD

Perception Dancers
Beginners white water kayak
X 3 all red
8301 – LOT 7 – SOLD
8100 – LOT 8
0305 – LOT 9 – SOLD

Wave Sport Habitat 74
Creek boats
X 2 both green
0424 – LOT 10 – SOLD
0423 – LOT 11 – SOLD

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