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We are pleased to announce the club has agreed to the purchase of a significant number of new paddle craft for the use of members. They include:
– 5 Touring / Sea Kayaks
– 5 Ocean Surf Skis (entry level)
The size of this order reflects the growth of the club over the last 1-2 years from approximately 300 to more than 400 active members. It also recognises that the club can only provide approximately 170 “useable” boat spaces for members full size personal boats and that in addition to beginners training craft we need to provide quality paddle craft for all of our members, some of whom lack immediate access to a boat space. It also reflects that many of our members are interested in surf ski paddling and will increase the club fleet of ocean surf ski’s from 3 to 8 craft and enable us to run surf ski paddling instruction and training programs.

Introduction to the New Craft

The Wavesport Hydra and Surge Explorer 16 Sea Kayaks are already in the club racks. The EPIC Skis and Stellar Sea Kayaks are expected to arrive in late April / May – shipping dependent!

Selection Process

The club’s last purchase of new craft at the end of 2019/early 2020 focused on 5 new sea kayaks and touring craft, so we already knew that we would be buying some entry level ocean surf skis this year. We went to 8 local suppliers and asked for quotations on flexible packages of skis and touring craft. The quotations were reviewed by a subcommittee comprising Dave Gilbert (Boat Officer), John Williams (Club VP and Ocean Ski Racer), Geoff Emery (Chair Training and Development and Sea kayak Instructor), Rebecca Wong (Club Secretary and Guide), Martin Wells (Keen kayaker and Guide) and Ryan Davidson (Gun Downwind Ski Racer and Marathon paddler).

A number of options, which selected craft on cost and suitability for the club, were presented to the club committee in February at which time the committee agreed their preferred option for 10 craft and which split the order amongst 3 local suppliers, whilst maintaining significant bulk discounts to the club.


The club originally budgeted $15k in 2020 for new craft, however as the size of the order increased and because of timing we have been able to utilise some moneys from the 2021 budget. The gross cost of the new boat package after supplier discounts was  $26.7k. However, over the period since July 2020 the club has auctioned a number of elderly and unused craft which has raised $4.7K to date and we have an upcoming boat disposal program which we expect to raise an additional $0.75k. Therefore the net cost of this significant rejuvenation of the club fleet will be approximately $21k spread over the 2020/21 and 21/22 financial years (note club financial year is 1 March – 28 Feb).


Dave Gilbert

Boat Officer

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