Serpentine Paddle

    27/09/2020 all-day
    Geoff Emery

    SERPENTINE  RIVER – MANDURAH  LAKES  PADDLE  – Scheduled Sunday 20th September 2020 – Postponed to Sunday 27th September 2020 due to bad weather

    This interesting 20km paddle, starts in the Serpentine River near Karnup Road and goes south, downriver through Kerulup Pool and into the Mandurah Lakes. We weave through paperbark trees and into open water at Lake Amarillo, Guanarnup Pool and Yalbanberup Pool. At a minimum water level of 0.3m (Dog Hill Station on Serpentine) and with light winds, this paddle takes about 5 hours for the average paddler.

    Usually we  stop for lunch and a leg stretch on a small island along the way.  We also need to do a car shuffle, so as to have vehicles waiting at the end of the paddle to return boats and paddlers back to the start and this can add another hour or so to the paddle time.

    The trip includes wildlife such as stampeding cows, the odd kangaroo and fox and an occasional tiger snake at no extra cost.
    If you’re interested and can happily paddle 20km while whistling a happy tune, then contact: Geoff Emery at or on 0403 604 082.