Canoe Sprint

Sprint Kayaking began competitively in 1869 Britain, however, the first international body of the sport was only created in 1924 in Denmark. The discipline of Sprint racing can be contested in two different styles of craft, Canoe and Kayak. Both craft compete at the same lengths and have the same rules. Athletes race in marked lanes on either the river or a manmade lake. There are four event distances, 200m, 500m, 1000m and 5000m.

Beyond the two different craft types, Kayaks and Canoes, there is also team boats. In team boat events, there are either two athletes or four athletes. In team kayak boats, the athletes need to mimic the exact movements of the person in front of them. In Canoe team boats, the athletes mirror the person in front of them, paddling on the opposite side.




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