Introduction to White Water Kayaking Course

(this course is conducted using sit in type kayaks, please contact the instructor if you would like to use a different type of craft)

This course is designed to introduce paddlers to kayaking on up to grade two white water and those wishing to learn basic white water kayaking skills.

It will provide information on:

  • gear and equipment
  • safety equipment
  • kayak set up and the use of flotation
  • white water features
  • defensive and aggressive swimming techniques

It will provide instruction on how to:

  • cross moving water (ferry gliding)
  • enter moving water current (break in)
  • exit moving water (break out)
  • use a throw rope
  • wade across moving water
  • self rescue
Must be able to:
  • swim at least 25 metres in paddling gear
  • exit an upturned kayak while wearing a spray deck (wet exit)
  • perform basic paddle strokes
  • paddle a short recreational sit in kayak

A Swan Canoe Club Introduction to White Water Kayaking certificate will be awarded to people who have demonstrated competency in the basic white water skills and perform a controlled capsize and wet exit.

Location: TBA
Duration: 6 hours
Cost: Members $ 100.00 / Non members $ 165.00


White water helmets are provided. White water kayaks, decks and paddles can be provided by arrangement.

All courses are run by an accredited Paddle Australia instructor.
Upcoming courses are listed in theĀ Events Calendar. To make an enquiry please contact the instructor listed in the Events Calendar.