Introduction to Kayaking Course

This course will provide all the instruction and information required to kayak confidently on placid water and is designed for people who are new to kayaking. The course is conducted using supplied sit-in type kayaks, rather than sit-on kayaks or skis. The club supplies a paddle and P.F.D / lifejacket.

It will provide information on:

  • Appropriate kayak clothing
  • Safety awareness and kayak safety features
  • Different kayak designs
  • Different types of paddles

It will provide instruction on how to:

  • Determine the correct length of paddle for you
  • Hold a paddle and paddle features, such as offset and locator
  • Lift and carry a kayak
  • Enter and exit a kayak safely
  • Launch and land a kayak
  • Maintain the correct posture while kayaking
  • Raft up with other paddlers
  • Paddle forward, backwards, sideways and how to turn a kayak.
  • Stop a kayak in an emergency
  • Use a paddle brace stroke to avoid capsize
  • Capsize or wet exit and self-rescue

A Swan Canoe Club Introduction to Kayaking certificate will be awarded to people who have demonstrated competency in the basic paddle strokes, capsize and self-rescue and the ability to swim 50m while wearing a PFD (personal floatation device). Taking part and completing this course also covers the requirements of a wet induction for Swan Canoe Club.

Course location: Swan Canoe Club, Johnson Parade, Mosman Park
Duration: approximately 5 hours
Cost: Members $ 70.00 / Non members $ 125.00 (Includes the use of a club kayak and equipment)
Pre-requisites: Able to swim 50 metres in paddling clothes and PFD
Clothing: Avoid cotton and use polypropylene or wool. Hats and glasses need to be attached to you. Bring a towel and dry clothes
All courses are run by an accredited Paddle Australia instructor. To make an enquiry or to book onto this course please contact the instructor who will be listed in the Events Calendar for each available course date.
Two hour Paddle Skills lessons are available from time to time as a more flexible alternative to the Intro to Kayaking course. These will be advertised in the Events Calendar when on offer.