Boat Facilities

Boat Sheds

We have two boat sheds with space for about 300 canoes and kayaks. Club boats are stored in the boat sheds and some spaces are available for members to store their personal craft.

Boat Ramps

Both boat sheds have direct access to the boat ramps and Swan River via a roller door.

Club Boats

There are a number of boats and composite club craft available for member use in both singles and doubles including:

  • surf skis
  • sea kayaks
  • slalom boats
  • touring kayaks
  • guppies
  • plastic play boat

Club craft are available for member use when paddling from the Club at no charge. Trying Club boats is a great way to get a feel for the different types of craft and your personal preference. Club boats are also available for member hire. Refer to the side bar for further tips on Club Boat Usage and Club Boat Hire.

All Club boats have a Swan Canoe Club tag to enable identification – refer to the two images below showing the red tagged boar numbers. In addition there is signage on the relevant rack and the boat space map indicates Club boat locations.

Slalom Gates

There are three sets of slalom gates adjacent to the Club with night lighting.

Boat Space Rental

Members who are regular paddlers can rent boat spaces for storing their private craft when they are available.

Boat Space Naming

This link provides details on how to find your way around the boat shed. There is a copy of the boat shed layout and boat space allocations on the notice board in the foyer.

Club Boat Use

Club boats are available for members only. Please refer to the following link for some guidance on the use of club craft.

Club Boat Hire

Club boats are available for members to hire away from the Club. Rules and rates of hire are detailed in the link below.

Club Ramp Etiquette

Please wash down boats and your feet on the ramp outside.

Wash downs should be thorough and quick.

Please use the ramp for launching and disembarking but not storing your craft so the next user has ready access.

As the ramp is floating and wet it can be slippery, please take care when stepping on and off the ramp.