Boat Space Naming


Rack – Level – Column

(eg in photo above Rack B – Level 4 – Column 7)

Each Boat Space has a Rack – Level – Column reference to enable the Boat Officer to manage the spaces and members to identify their allocated storage position. Dave has recently written these references on all spaces in the Old (East) Shed to a make things easier. We are looking into doing similar in the New (West) Shed.

Refers to the row of boats and starts from the East
(ie to the left as you enter from the Clubhouse foyer)
Rack A and Rack B are in the Old (East) Boatshed
Racks C, D, E, F, G and H are in the New (West) Boatshed

Refers to the height location with the bottom being 1 and the top being 5 or 6

Refers to the column between the roller doors (South) and the Clubhouse foyer door (North)
1 is closest to the roller door
Rack A has 18 Columns
Rack B has 15 Columns
Racks C, D, E, F, G and H have 3 Columns each

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