Membership Renewals

SCC Memberships and Renewals are administered on the Paddle Australia (PA) Go Membership system. A reminder will be sent via email from the PA Go Membership system once renewals are open. Membership can not be renewed until they are open.

Rolling Membership Years
SCC memberships are rolling, meaning your membership continues for 12 months from date of joining / last renewal. To maintain your membership it is important that payment is made during the renewal period.

Renewal Period
Memberships can be renewed from 30 days prior to expiry up until expiry. A reminder will be sent out 30 days prior to expiry including the link to the PA Go Membership Portal, your username and instructions on how to reset your password if required. Please ensure you complete your renewal within the 30 days or your membership will lapse.

If you wish to pay with a credit card in person or over the phone this can be done in Office Hours. If you have a question or are having trouble with your renewal and would like assistance please email Admin.

Reminders will be sent to all members who are due to expire or have expired (lapsed). Unfortunately the system doesn’t allow us to stop the reminders even if you have advised that you will not be renewing – apologies for any unwanted emails.

Membership Types
There are three membership types; adult, adult concession (subject to eligibility – proof may be requested) and junior. If you are renewing as a family please select the family membership option and then add each adult, adult concession and junior within your family group.
Further details on membership types including eligibility criteria

Boat Spaces
For members with approved boat spaces payment is made as a surcharge on your membership fee. When renewing select the appropriate membership for your circumstances. When you checkout your payment will automatically include PA fees, membership fees and a surcharge for the boat space (if applicable).

If you currently have a boat space and do not wish to renew your boat space for the next year please advise Admin to remove your boat charge fee from your Go Membership account.

IMPORTANT: Lapsing Memberships
If a membership is not renewed before expiry it becomes lapsed. At this time you will no longer have PA insurance cover or SCC benefits, fobs will be cancelled and boat spaces reassigned.

Paddle Australia Go Membership username and password

Your ‘username’ is usually your email address and this will also be sent to your in your renewal email.  You can request a new password from the Go Membership Portal.

If you can’t remember which email address you used, or in some cases the user name isn’t an email address, please contact the office for assistance on