Regular Club Events

Point Water Paddle

Happens every Saturday morning, leaving the Club at about 9.30am for coffee etc at Walter’s Cafe, about a 20min paddle. Note that on any particular Saturday there might not be anyone there, then next week it might be 20 – very spontaneous. This is a Peer Paddle unless it is this:

Once a month a trained instructor leads the paddle to show newbies how to safely navigate this sometimes hazardous stretch of water (caused by wreckless power boats!) – see the Calendar to register for one of these events.

Tuesday mornings: two sessions at 7.30 and 9.30 on the water (This is a Peer Paddle)

Started in late 2014 to bring together new members who would like to meet paddle buddies and go for a casual and easy paddle – maybe to Chidley Pt, Pt Walter and occasionally to Zephyr Cafe depending on the conditions and paddler skills. Call Marion on 0431 962 339 if interested.

Friday mornings at 8am in winter – 7.30 otherwise – on the water (This is a Peer Paddle)

As for the Tuesday paddle but normally now to Zephyr Cafe in East Fremantle depending on the conditions and paddler skills. Call Marion on 0431 962 339 if interested.

Swan Marathon and Race Training series (SMaRTS) – Friday evenings (This is a Peer Paddle)

It’s not about beating others, it’s about beating the clock and enjoying yourself and maybe having a few sherbets after the bash and reliving the race. So come live a little and enjoy the bash. Remember to carry a light in or on your boat so I have something to chase and it’s not the Police chasing you. For paddlers not doing the Avon, you are welcome to join in at your own pace selecting your own distance against the clock.
Start time is 5.30pm every Friday. Come down for a social race of 3, 6,12 or 18 km towards Fremantle most Friday evenings – competition is against yourself as you try to better your previous times – see the Calendar for details of what is on a particular day (and to check if the event is in recess). End of season prizes are awarded for the best improvers, kindly donated by Mainpeak.  More information from