Introduction to Paddling a Sea Kayak Course

(this course is conducted using sit in type sea kayaks)

The course is normally conducted on the Swan River as it concentrates on the skills required for controlling and manoeuvring a sea kayak in calm conditions.

This course is designed for people who have some previous kayaking experience, have the ability to perform basic paddling strokes and are able to swim at least 25 metres.

The course will provide information on:

  • different types of sea kayak design and material
  • sea kayak safety features
  • safety equipment
  • Western Australian boating regulations for kayaking in the ocean
  • paddle types
  • the use of a rudder and skeg

It will provide instruction on how to:

  • paddle forwards, backwards, turn, manoeuvre sideways and stop in an emergency
  • capsize and exit an upturned kayak (wet exit) while wearing a spray deck
  • launch and land a sea kayak
  • edge and lean the kayak
  • manoeuvre a sea kayak without the use of a rudder
  • use the paddle to help prevent a capsize (low brace support stoke)
  • perform an assisted rescue as the rescuer
  • perform an assisted rescue as the rescuee

A Swan Canoe Club Introduction to Paddling a Sea Kayak certificate will be awarded to people who have demonstrated competency in the skills required for paddling a sea kayak and a controlled wet exit wearing a spray deck.

These skills are normally a pre-requisite for easy club sea kayaking trips.

Location: Swan Canoe Club, Johnson Parade, Mosman Park

Duration: approximately 5 hours
Cost: Members $70.00 / Non members $125.00 (Includes the use of a club kayak and equipment)

All courses are run by an accredited Paddle Australia instructor. To see when the next course is being run please check our calendar or to make an enquiry please email instructor, Geoff Emery