New Members

Step One: Club Information / Dry Induction

6:00pm to approximately 6:45pm – first Tuesday of the month

Come and tour our facilities and learn how our Club operates, what we have to offer and ask questions.

Please register by emailing If you are unable to make an induction night, please contact us. Induction nights are run by volunteers, but in extenuating circumstances we can try and organise an alternate time.

Step Two: Online Registration

Complete a Membership Registration on the Paddle Australia Go Membership portal accessed through the button below.

A new member Nomination Fee of $110 is payable for all new adult and adult concession members. The Nomination Fee is a contribution towards the Club facilities that have been funded by past members as well as induction and administration costs which are incurred for new members.

The process requires you to:

  • Click the [Sign-up] button
  • Complete the personal details
  • Complete a series of Paddle Australia declarations
  • Click the [Join a Club or Renew Club Membership] button
  • Enter Swan Canoe Club into the Club Finder
  • Select your Membership Type
  • Complete prompts – including the purchase of a fob (refer step 4) if you would like to pay for this online
  • Checkout

If you would like assistance with this process you can email or assistance can be provided in person at the end of the Dry Induction or prior to the Wet Induction.

Step 3: Wet Induction

6:00pm to approximately 7:00pm – second Tuesday of the month

Learn your way around the boat shed and how to use equipment, demonstrate an assisted capsize and a 50m swim with a PFD. Don’t forget to pack a towel and dry clothes!

Please register by emailing If you are unable to make an induction night, please contact us and we will try to arrange another time.

Step Four: Fob Access

Fobs (keys) are available to provide access to the Club for a one off fee of $40. The fob fee can be paid during online registration in step 2 or cash on the day. Fobs are available when steps one to three are complete and this is usually done immediately after the Wet Induction when the Induction sign-off is finalised.

Family Membership

Family membership is available for families of 3 or more in the same household, with no more than 2 adults. Family membership provides a 30% discount for PWA fees and a 20% discount for SCC fees on standard individual memberships.

To process a Family Membership on the Go Membership portal start Step 2 above for the primary adult and for membership type select Family Membership. Add the primary adult and then continue to add each member of your family.