Serpentine Sojourn – September 2020

SERPENTINE SOJOURN Geoff Emery 27/9/20.

After a delay due to last weeks’ high winds and poor weather, the club Serpentine River paddle took place on Sunday 27th September. To everyone’s surprise we had sunshine, light winds and a great paddle. Our original group of seventeen paddlers was reduced to nine, but “We few, we happy few…” had a lot of fun, including an interesting, somewhat wet display of Zen Kayaking by Dale, done completely without a kayak!

Once on the water, Janet, Jocelyn, Carol, Evi, Dale, Steve, Paul, Mike and Geoff headed north up the Serpentine and into Yalbanberup Pool. There were some navigational challenges and shallow-water, but they failed to detract from the pleasure of the paddle.
We were kept on our pedals by fish jumping, squadrons of pelicans skimming and circling and even an unidentified animal leaping out of the reeds and over Janet’s kayak!

Continuing up Guanarnup Pool, Steve acted as ‘tail end Charlie,’ making sure we didn’t lose too many paddlers to the lurking reed islands. We made good progress over the next nine kilometres without having to use the whip much at all. Powered by Evi’s liquorice allsorts we made it to the island lunch stop a bit early and decided to continue further upstream. Along the way we cruised under the local farmer’s decrepit bridge and took a few short-cuts across the river loops, before finding a floating barrier after about two kilometres. There was speculation as to whether it was a secret crocodile farm, a barrier to trap tiger snakes or trying to reduce salinity, but hunger overwhelmed the speculation and we headed back for lunch.

As we were disembarking, Dale gave us a demonstration of Zen Kayaking, where you imagine there is a kayak beneath you as you sit on the water and paddle. It was an entertaining demonstration, but we all agreed it needs a bit more work. Lunch on the grass was very pleasant, especially for the mosquitoes that joined us. Fortunately, a few people had remembered to bring RID which eventually blunted the mosquito’s enthusiasm for human flesh, although Mike remained popular.

After lunch we retraced our track and got back to the cars as the clouds moved in. Once packed up, thoughts of a chilled glass of wine, while slumped in the bath had us heading for home. Overall, we were lucky with the lack of wind and rain and enjoyed an interesting paddle with great company. Or at least I thought I was great company, but I might be wrong.

Geoff Emery

SCC Strategic Planning

The SCC Committee met in late August 2020 to develop a Strategic Plan to assist in guiding the direction of the Club. This is intended as a first attempt and is open for feedback.

The process for developing the Plan included notification to members and an invitation for input in the August Newsletter, the Committee Strategy session and final review and approval.

The Strategic Plan will now form part of the broader planning and reporting framework at SCC. The budget will be developed with alignment to the strategic objectives, actions taken to meet those objectives will be reported at the AGM and each year the new Committee will  update the Plan and incorporate new objectives for the coming year.

SCC is a Club of members and as such member input is always welcome. Please feel free to pass on your thoughts to a Committee Member whether for the current Strategic Plan or preparation for future plans.

SCC Strategic Plan 2020 – 2021 FINAL

PWA Slalom Winter 2020 Series

The PWA Slalom Winter Series is well underway with a number of SCC Members successfully competing in the Junior, Under 18 and Senior categories.

ResultsByClass 19 July 2020

ResultsByClass 26 July 2020

ResultsByClass 30 August 2020

Winter Time Trial Series – 2020 Results

Season Wrap

The Thursday Night Winter Time Trial Series is over for another year.

With a combined total of 3,302 kms paddled over 600 starts by 71 paddlers across 15 weeks it was definitely a success.

Most Improved

12km: Daniel Peters 10%, Simon De Speville 5%, Euan Cameron 3%

9km: Westley Field 20%, Brendan Peters 9%, Ric Yeates 9%

6km: Phil King 11%, Susan Collins 9%, Connor Jacobs 8%

Series Winners

12km: Brendan Rice

9km: Brendan Peters

6km: Dave Gilbert

3km: Geoff Davey

All individual time trial results are available on Webscorer.

Time Trial 1 – 20 May 2020

Time Trial 2 – 27 May 2020

Time Trial 3 – 3 June 2020

Time Trial 4 – 11 June 2020

Time Trial 5 – 18 June 2020

Time Trial 6 – 25 June 2020

Time Trial 7 – 2 July 2020

Time Trial 8 – 9 July 2020

Time Trial 9 – 16 July 2020

Time Trial 10 – 23 July 2020

Time Trial 11 – 30 July 2020

Time Trial 12 – 6 August 2020

Time Trial 13 – 13 August 2020

Time Trial 14 – 20 August 2020

Time Trial 15 – 27 August 2020

Series Standings

Learn more about the Winter Time Trial Series and look out for the 2021 event in the calendar.


Avon Descent 2020

While low water levels might have meant the official Avon Decent was cancelled this year this didn’t stop Andrew Hewlett 333. Andrew completed the full course from Northam to Garret Road Bridge being his 32nd Avon Descent. Day one was finished at Cobbler Pool and day 2 was completed in the dark. An amazing effort!




Boat Auction

This is an early opportunity for members to buy used craft from the club via an online auction with reserve.

Auction Opens – Friday 3rd July 9am

Auction Update – Monday 13th July 7pm

Auction Closes – Thursday 16th July 12noon

Auction Process:

  • Kayaks and skis can be viewed upstairs in the clubrooms.
  • Craft may be tested on the water on the condition that they are washed, dried and replaced in the upstairs clubrooms immediately after.
  • Bids can be placed via email (admin@swancanoeclub.org.au) from Auction Open to Auction Close, any bids received outside this time will not be accepted.
  • A new bid from the same person for the same craft will supersede their previous bids.
  • The current bid will be disclosed on Monday 13th July at 7pm (Auction Update) on this webpost to enable bidders an opportunity to rebid if they wish.
  • The winning bidders will be notified via email including payment instructions by 3pm on Thursday 16th July.

Auction Conditions:

  • Bidding will be restricted to current financial members only.
  • Craft are sold ‘as is’, the club takes no responsibility for any defects or repairs which may be required.
  • Payment by the winning bidder must be made via direct deposit by Friday 17th of July. Details will be provided with notification of winning bid.
  • Craft do not come with any rights to boat storage and must be immediately removed from club premises (ie by midday Sunday 19 July), application for storage can be registered however there is no current availability.
  • Any craft that doesn’t meet reserve will be negotiated with the highest bidder or sold to the public via Gumtree or similar at the Boat Officers discretion.

Lot 1: Barracuda Interface

Popular and lightweight plastic touring kayak suitable for use on river. Yellow deck, white hull. Recent repairs.

Reserve: $700


Lot 2: Barracuda Interface

Popular and lightweight plastic touring kayak suitable for use on river. White hull and deck. Recent repairs.

Reserve: $600


Lot 3: Spirit PRS

Great fast plastic ski, great first Avon descent craft (convert to trailing rudder, or fast river cruiser). Strong plastic construction, 5.6m length, green.

Reserve $300


Lot 4: Spirit Ski

Green, with trailing rudder, 5.0m length, beginner – intermediate river cruising or for the family. Could also use as first Avon Descent craft.

Reserve $200


Lot 5: Fluid Druid

Avon descent plastic racer. 5.2m, trailing rudder, good condition, has seen little use.

Reserve $300

Lot 6: Phantom

Composite construction marathon /Avon descent K1, very stable, fast river cruiser or Avon bash boat, Old but watertight.

Reserve $100


Lot 7: Mission Tandem Eco / Contour 490

Double touring/sea kayak, ideal for families, schools or youth groups and would also great as first time Avon descent craft. Good condition, 4.9m length, very stable, roomy and sturdy craft, storage hatches, new rudder.


Reserve $500


AGM 2020 Papers

Annual General Meeting of Swan Canoe Club (Inc.) will be held on Tuesday 23 June 2020 at 7.00pm at the Swan Canoe Club. Prevailing requirements and guidance relating to COVID-19 will be adhered to at the meeting.

Members will be offered the option of attending the AGM remotely by video conference (Zoom). Details will be sent to members prior to the meeting.

RSVP. Members must indicate whether they will attend in person or via Zoom. Those attending via Zoom must provide an email address.

Papers relating to proposals will be uploaded here for review by Monday 15th June.

SCC AGM June_2020_Final_200620

Boat Shed Works and Temporary Closure

Structural remediation is required on the boat shed and Town of Mosman Park have advised today that this will be undertaken during the week of Monday 18th May to Friday 22nd May. To facilitate these works ALL BOATS MUST BE REMOVED from the OLD SHED by SUNDAY 17th MAY and ACCESS TO ALL BOAT SHEDS WILL BE LIMITED

Members with Boats Stored in the Old Shed
If you have a boat stored in the OLD SHED – ie the eastern shed – you can assist in the following ways:
1. Ideally remove your boat by Saturday 16th May and store at home until Saturday 23rd May
2. If you can not remove your boat, please mark your boat with your name and boat space allocation so that it can be stored and returned to the correct place

All Members
To enable the work to be completed in a safe and efficient manner access to the whole boat shed (including NEW – ie western shed) will not be possible between 7am and 5pm Monday 18th May to Friday 22nd May

If anyone is available to assist with boat moves, or a working bee to clean up the Old Shed while it is empty please get in contact on admin@swancanoeclub.org.au

Further Update 11th May – Boat Shed Works
Saturday 16th to Saturday 23rd May

You will have received an email late on Friday advising of the remedial structural works required on the boat shed. Thank you to those that have moved their boats and those that have volunteered to assist.

Following is the roster of assistance required, if you can help please email the date and your mobile phone on admin@swancanoeclub.org.au :
Sat 16th afternoon – moving boats
Sun 17th morning – moving boats / clean out
Thur 21st afternoon – clean out / moving boats (hopefully if work is completed or near completed)
Fri 22nd afternoon – moving boats
Sat 23rd morning – (hopefully we won’t need this session)

OLD Boat Shed (east) NOT accessible NEW Boat Shed (west) NOT accessible during works
7am to 5pm Monday 18th to Friday 22nd May


Pandemic Paddle # 2

By Geoff Emery

Coronavirus isolation shows that some paddlers thrive and others, well others struggle. Some turn inward and withdraw from paddling society, but others are like caged lions. They have to get outside. Get in the boat. Get in the water. Push the boundaries, push themselves, push their friends, until exhaustion brings everyone some relief. My friend Colin is perhaps a good example of the caged lion. People see the calm exterior, oozing paddling wisdom through his beard, but they fail to see the beast within!

Recently the inner beast reared its’ head again. Colin seemed to think a paddle to the Kent St Weir coffee shop, on the Canning River was a good idea. He forgot to mention that it was a lazy forty-kilometre round trip from the club in Mosman Park. As a friend I went along in an attempt to keep the beast under control. After a lumpy crossing to the Canning Bridge, conditions settled down. The Mt Henry Bridge, Rossmoyne and Shelley slid by fairly painlessly, although there seemed to be more river bends than I remembered.  At each bend I kept looking for the pipeline across the river, knowing that Shelley Bridge was just around the next bend. With Shelley Bridge behind us, we paddled under Riverton Bridge into the Canning River where we meandered through the various tree lined channels to Kent St Weir. Once out of the kayak I tottered about on numb legs for a few embarrassing moments before going to the café to get coffee. On my return, having queued at a social distance, I considered giving Colin a coffee-shampoo when he asked; “Did you put sugar in?”

Instead I deleted the expletive and watched two Swans fight over territory or females or both, while Colin took a walk back to the café. The twenty-kilometre return trip was pleasant until we hit the open water around Point Heathcote and discovered the sea breeze had arrived. The fetch created, made for a wet, bumpy return for tired paddlers.

For a time, I thought my sacrifice and pain had cured Colin of his long-distance death wish. You can imagine my surprise and dismay when he suggested a longer, fifty-kilometre paddle from the club to Ascot Kayak Club! However, friendship is a like marriage, for better or worse, in sickness and in health, in kayak or in the water, so I couldn’t in good conscience abandon him. So one Wednesday at dawn, we set off again from the club. The water was like a mirror as we went by Pt Resolution, Pelican Pt, Matilda Bay and arrived at the Narrows where we could see the city gleaming in the rising sun. The easterly was also rising by the time we reached the Causeway and Matagarup Bridge. After Windan Bridge we paddled a loop around Belmont Park Racecourse, took a short-cut behind an island and got back into the main river just downstream of Garratt Rd Bridge. The easterly was pumping by now and it was a bit of a slog up to Redcliffe Bridge past the beach where I’d completed a few Avon Descents. Finally, Ron Courtney Island hove into few and we landed at the Ascot Kayak Club.

The coffee shop was closed of course so we sipped flask coffee, ate a sandwich and chatted to John and Louise, a couple of Ascot paddlers. Once back on the river, the twenty-five-kilometre return journey wasn’t too bad until the Narrows, where the Easterly was blowing hard from our left making us rock and roll until we turned for home at Point Resolution. After seven hours of paddling I can only hope that the pandemic is over before Colin comes up with another long-distance coffee paddle.