New Club Craft

News on Club Craft

We are pleased to announce the club has agreed to the purchase of a significant number of new paddle craft for the use of members. They include:
– 5 Touring / Sea Kayaks
– 5 Ocean Surf Skis (entry level)
The size of this order reflects the growth of the club over the last 1-2 years from approximately 300 to more than 400 active members. It also recognises that the club can only provide approximately 170 “useable” boat spaces for members full size personal boats and that in addition to beginners training craft we need to provide quality paddle craft for all of our members, some of whom lack immediate access to a boat space. It also reflects that many of our members are interested in surf ski paddling and will increase the club fleet of ocean surf ski’s from 3 to 8 craft and enable us to run surf ski paddling instruction and training programs.

Introduction to the New Craft

The Wavesport Hydra and Surge Explorer 16 Sea Kayaks are already in the club racks. The EPIC Skis and Stellar Sea Kayaks are expected to arrive in late April / May – shipping dependent!

Selection Process

The club’s last purchase of new craft at the end of 2019/early 2020 focused on 5 new sea kayaks and touring craft, so we already knew that we would be buying some entry level ocean surf skis this year. We went to 8 local suppliers and asked for quotations on flexible packages of skis and touring craft. The quotations were reviewed by a subcommittee comprising Dave Gilbert (Boat Officer), John Williams (Club VP and Ocean Ski Racer), Geoff Emery (Chair Training and Development and Sea kayak Instructor), Rebecca Wong (Club Secretary and Guide), Martin Wells (Keen kayaker and Guide) and Ryan Davidson (Gun Downwind Ski Racer and Marathon paddler).

A number of options, which selected craft on cost and suitability for the club, were presented to the club committee in February at which time the committee agreed their preferred option for 10 craft and which split the order amongst 3 local suppliers, whilst maintaining significant bulk discounts to the club.


The club originally budgeted $15k in 2020 for new craft, however as the size of the order increased and because of timing we have been able to utilise some moneys from the 2021 budget. The gross cost of the new boat package after supplier discounts was  $26.7k. However, over the period since July 2020 the club has auctioned a number of elderly and unused craft which has raised $4.7K to date and we have an upcoming boat disposal program which we expect to raise an additional $0.75k. Therefore the net cost of this significant rejuvenation of the club fleet will be approximately $21k spread over the 2020/21 and 21/22 financial years (note club financial year is 1 March – 28 Feb).


Dave Gilbert

Boat Officer

Rod Fry Memorial Race 2021 – Results

Thank you to everyone who joined us at the 2021 Rod Fry Memorial Race. It was a fantastic turnout in windy conditions.

We had 100 paddlers in 90 craft – including SUPs, sea kayaks, surf skis, k1 and outriggers. It really is an all comers race with not only a fantastic array of craft but ages ranging from 9 years old to 80 years old.

Brendan Rice the defending champion from 2020 took out the cash prize for fastest finisher in the mens 12km with Natasha Leaversuch coming in first for the females.

Thanks again to all the volunteers. It couldn’t happen without you!

Guided Paddle and BBQ

New SCC members and ‘old’ members came together on Friday 19th February for a paddle and a BBQ.  Small groups set off ably guided by Jen, Marty, Carol and Elena.
We had 41 members booked in that night!  A few didn’t make it but nonetheless it was a fantastic turn out.
Our group took the scenic trip to  Chidley along the shoreline but avoided the strong winds at the Point. Given that we had two brand new members who had signed up just that week, it seemed like a really good idea to turn before the marker!!
Paddling a kayak with a rudder seems like childs’ play when you’ve been paddling for a while but it’s not always easy to start.  The Club in fact has had to repair the Stella kayaks more than once because people haven’t realised that you have to lift the lever to allow the foot pedals to be moved. Instead they’ve battered them down with their feet!  Fortunately Kerry was there to chat to new members about how we can look after the kayaks.
It was great to see our President Julia there too. She was able to do a demonstration to demystify the Ergo kayaking machine. It proved to be very popular with our new members.
The Social Committee, ably assisted by Kamisha, did really well in coordinating a very successful event.
We do need a few more people to support the Social Committee so let Lisa know if you would like to get involved. The more people we have, the less each person has to do.
Our next Social gathering a Fun Paddle Challenge on Saturday 27th of March.

Member Survey 2021

Member Survey 2021

Summary Survey Results

Thank you to everyone who took the time to complete our Member Survey 2021. The attached file is a summary of the feedback provided.

SCC Summary Survey Results 2021.PDF

Closing Date Friday 26th of February

We want to hear from you! Please complete the Member Survey through the button below and help to inform Club decision making. We want to know about you and your thoughts on Club craft, boat storage, social events and more.

Thank you!

Broke Inlet Trip Report – January 2021

Another successful trip down to Broke for our Australia Day celebrations – with a baker’s dozen of keen paddlers participating, and the same number returning to Perth to fight another day – what more could your trip organiser ask for?

With an advance party of eight hearty souls arriving at Camfield on Friday we discovered Parks and Wildlife were ‘misinformed’ and the bar was in fact closed and hence water levels similarly low to last year. Nevertheless we set across to establish base camp at Windy Point in sunny conditions (almost tropical for this part of WA) and enjoyed the serenity!

Next morning, and another sunny day, the advance party went off to check the ocean (via Coal Point) and give Steve a chance to try out his new sail along with Geoff and Colin P, and Elena to have swim, before a rather long slog back to meet the remaining five at Camfield for the ‘official start and briefing’. For those with new VHF radios, call signs were allocated with Rose becoming ‘Petal’ (naturally) and Suzie suggesting we just keep it simple and use names – hence her official call sign is now ‘Simple’!

Low water meant a circuitous route across to Windy Point, but we were a tough lot.  At camp Trish impressed everyone with her latest acquisition – a functional tent (albeit minus a fly sheet) for the princely sum of $5!  (Does the club need a new treasurer?).

At night we enjoyed our usual ‘virtual campfire’ gathering under Geoff’s tarp where nibbles and wine are shared in abundance whilst making sideway’s glances at those attempting to cook ’something proper’. One of the good games is to open packets of freeze dried meals and try and guess what they could be, with all inevitably looking the same and bearing a striking resemblance to kitty litter!

Next day your grumpy trip organiser did a relocation to more fashionable area of real estate within the camp to escape the snorers – by moving up to ‘Urea Heights’ where, despite almost panoramic views, Rose claims to have detected a scent of something suggesting night-time wee stops.

After morning Tai Chi led by the very patient Rowan, we headed off to the Shannon River via Shannon Island. Despite crystal clear compass bearings we did take quite a while to eventually find the entrance after traversing large areas of painfully shallow water. Once on the river however it was very pleasant paddling in deep water all the way up to Springbreak Road where it was discovered the trip organiser had failed to make an exclusive booking and the area was inhabited by other members of the human race. So, after a bout of synchronised kayaking (the very difficult colour-co-ordinated star formation no less) we headed back for a sumptuous lunch at the beach where the river meets the inlet.  A good long paddle back to camp ensured we all got a good night’s sleep.

Next day (after a glorious sunrise) and for some, participation with Elena’s Qi Gong exercises, we headed back to the ocean beach. En-route the heavens opened and despite Sue presenting a very fashionable pink rain jacket to save Phyll from getting drenched, it was determined to be either the wrong colour or insufficiently elegant – and hence Phyll returned to camp to join Rowan who had earlier damaged a fetlock whilst attempting a 100 m sprint in pursuit of a runaway Ikea bag.

At the beach we braved the winds for selfies and resisted the temptation to climb the western headland before heading back along the scenic channel to Coal Point. From there all returned to camp for a lazy arvo snooze or read while Colin and myself headed off confidently towards Bald Island.

After a short while the winds increased in strength and it became a rather long slog (although neither would admit it to the other!). We climbed the granite monolith and had lunch with great view to Clarke Is, Birthday Beach and almost the full length of the inlet back up to Shannon Island. The wind then dropped and allowed us a very pleasant sailing / surfing trip directly back to camp with only a gentle breeze behind us.  Nearly 2 hrs to get there and less than half an hour going back!

Australia Day breakfast at camp with obligatory singing of our national anthem (song sheets courtesy of Geoff) and for those of Scottish blood you will be pleased to know that a poem by Robbie Burns was masterfully delivered by Elena one or two night’s before.

Departed early on Tuesday to get back before too much traffic although it proved to be a smooth straight run home (at least for me).

Thank you all for a great extended weekend – these trips are made by the comaraderie of the group and I look forward to many more with yourselves (and other Swannies please) during the coming years.

Marty Wells

Broke 2021 Trip Organiser

Christmas and Awards Celebration 2020

A fantastic end of year celebration was enjoyed by over 65 members and partners. By all reports the food and entertainment was excellent and everyone had lots of fun. Thank you to the Social Committee and particularly Carol, Lisa, Janet and Christine for all their work in running this event.

Club Awards

Club Awards were announced during the dinner with the following recipients recognised:

Junior Paddler of the Year – Jordan Fleming

Jordan has participated and trained as a member of the West Australian Slalom Pathways Squad (WASPS), competed at the Age Champs in Tasmania and National Championships and Australian Open both in Penrith.

Congratulations to fellow nominees Beau and Connor Jacob.

Paddler of the Year – Travis England

Travis is an accomplished paddler who won the Avon Descent 2019, was the winner of the Ramon 2020, best placed SCC member in Thursday Night Time Trials and best placed SCC member in the IOP events for 2020. Travis has also developed and coordinates the Drummers Downwinder with over 400 paddlers attending and trains aspiring paddlers on a Tuesday morning.

Congratulation to fellow nominees Patrick Carmody and Martin Wells.

Club Member of the Year – Rebecca Wong and Martin Wells

Rebecca was nominated for her involvement in peer and club paddles. She helps with organisation, supports fellow paddlers with skills and techniques and is very inclusive enabling many new and ongoing paddlers an enjoyable experience. Rebecca has also qualified as a guide this year as well as taking on the role of Secretary in the SCC Committee.

Marty was nominated for his passion for paddling and willingness to share with others as best demonstrated through his much enjoyed Murry Delta Paddle (which was mentioned in many nominations!). Marty also qualified as a guide and is an active member of the peer paddles, T&D Committee and generally supporting Club activities.

Congratulation to fellow nominees Edward Clerk and Patrick Carmody.

Hero Award – Patrick Carmody

Patrick was nominated for so many awards however it was decided that Hero was the best fit! Not only has Patrick’s paddling improved amazingly over the last year but he has also put in endless hours maintaining things at the Club. He is always fixing and replacing hoses and washes, gardening, sweeping helping move boats, assisting other paddlers and generally being a nice guy. Many members showed their appreciation for Patrick’s efforts through multiple nominations. A well deserved award.

Congratulation to fellow nominees Rebecca Wong and Evi Ferrier

Thank You and Other Awards

Beau and Connor Jacobs – most improved paddlers (and ones to watch)

Marion Ewing, Sarah Whittaker and Jennifer Houston – for supporting peer paddles

Gavin Hartley – for always putting up his hand to assist with catering

Paul Covalato – for a water incident at Zephyr

Julian Coombes  – kayak breaker award (thanks for letting us know and rectifying the damage)

Andy Hewlett – Stirrer of the Year resurrected from history for an incident at the Halloween Paddle!


Penguin Island – December 2020

Penguin Island Blues

Sunday the 6th December dawned with blue skies, sunshine and the promise of wind. Not the sort from baked beans, but the sort that blows strongly from the south west. Undaunted, fourteen intrepid Swannies arrived early at Palm Beach and girded up their loins and their kayaks for the eighteen-kilometre return paddle to Penguin Island. After a brief beach briefing, they headed off under the Garden Island causeway under the guidance of Geoff and Colin. The wind was blowing at about fifteen knots, but Swannies laugh at danger.

After repairing a dodgy rudder on the Scorpio (thanks Pat) and dodging a few power boats, the causeway was left behind and the group paddled onward toward John Point. Three Sea Kayak Club members paddled by us on the way and we called a hello to Jill and Judy. Low tide meant a few challenges navigating south behind Mushroom Rock toward Point Peron, but Swannies love a challenge.

Guided by Russ, we made it safely to the shelter at Bird Island and had a breather in the lee of the island. From there we headed south for Seal Island, aware that the wind was swinging more south and with the south west swell, causing a few waves to break on the reef. The conditions were a challenge for some of our newer members, including one paddler who was on the sea for the first time, but of course Swannies love the sea.

Somnolent sea-lions slumped on the sand at Seal Island, but squadrons of pelicans practising their formation flying and synchronised beach landings made up for the lazy sea-lions. It was good to be in the lee of the island out of the wind again, chewing thoughtfully on a jelly baby. Graeme was having an ornithological moment, getting in touch with his inner twitcher and of course Swannies all love birds, don’t we Karen?

With the wild wind and waves, we were all pretty happy for discretion to push aside valour and land on the sheltered east side of Penguin Island for a bite to eat, a bit of leg stretching and to answer the siren call of nature. A few of us checked out our usual landing site on the seaward side and were impressed by the rocks and white caps. Swannies do love rocks it’s true, but not when they’re banging against our precious kayaks.

With the wind kicking up over twenty knots or about thirty-six kilometres an hour from the sou-southwest we all were having thoughts of the homeward trip. It didn’t take much encouragement to mount up again, push through the sea grass and so into deeper water. Geoff struggled with his sail at the back,  as the other paddlers disappeared toward Seal Island and after nearly getting blown over, decided to paddle instead. Pat was looking forward to the waves and of course  Swannies love the waves.

It was a fast trip back and despite the wind pushing a few of us onto shallow reef, we all stayed upright and almost dry. The wind was still blowing hard after we turned the corner at John Point, but we were starting to feel more relaxed with the causeway in sight. After bouncing through the chop and under the causeway we were all pleased to see the sand at Palm Beach. As you may have guessed, Swannies really love the beach.

As we packed up with the wind blowing at about twenty-one knots, I was impressed that one of the Sea Kayak Club WA members drove by to check that we had got back safely. Thanks for a challenging paddle to Colin, Russ, Rowan, Tracey, Claire, Janet, Rebecca, Des, Mike, Mark, Trevor, Patrick and Graeme. To borrow from Henry V and assuming the girls are honorary brothers  “We few , we happy few, we band of brothers:” can look back on St Crispin Day or any day for that matter and say we were there and we survived!

Geoff Emery

Sea Instructor


Anyone interested in joining Club paddles on the sea in the future should keep an eye out for the Intro to Paddling a Sea Kayak Course in next years T&D Intro Series – more dates to be issued shortly.
The course content can be viewed here 

Committee Update #7 COVID-19

From Saturday 5th December, SCC is required by the WA Department of Health to maintain a Contract Register for COVID-19 contact tracing.

Failing to comply with the new requirements to maintain a contact register could result in fines and penalties of up to $50,000 for an individual and $250,000 for a body corporate or 12 months’ imprisonment.

To make this as easy as possible for our members, their guests and other visitors there are 3 ways to register attendance at SCC:

  1. Use your fob; or
  2. Scan the QR code displayed on posters at the front door, roller door and foyer, using the SafeWA App on your phone; or
  3. Complete the manual register on the stand up desk in the foyer.

Members are always encouraged to use their fob and if used no further recording is recording. If you don’t have or use a fob, you must either use the SafeWA App to scan the SCC QR code or complete your details in the manual register.

Details of the SafeWA App are available on the Western Australia Government Website.

Children under 16 are not required to complete their details – however this is encouraged.

A new COVID-19 Safety Plan for SCC is displayed on the noticeboard or available through the following link:


Please remember to always follow government directives, practice good hygiene and comply with capacity limits signposted at the Club.

Boat Auction – Clearance Sale

Update Post Auction

Remaining boats are now available by donation of $50 – $100 on a first comes first served basis. Please email admin@swancanoeclub.org.au your offer.

Lot 1 to 11 is offered to SCC Members and the broader paddling community with no reserve pricing

Auction Opens – Friday 4th December 9 am

Auction Closes – Thursday 17th December 12 midnight

Auction Process:

  • Boats can be viewed in the boatshed – locations noted below.
  • Craft may be tested on the water by members on the condition that they are washed and replaced in the relevant racks immediately after. Non-members should contact Dave Gilbert for access (0459 848 340).
  • Bids can be placed via email only (admin@swancanoeclub.org.au) from Auction Open to Auction Close, any bids received outside this time will not be accepted.
  • Bids must state the LOT number, bid amount and bidders name.
  • A new bid from the same person for the same craft will supersede their previous bids.
  • Contingent bids will be accepted if preference is clearly stated – eg LOT 1 $100, LOT 2 $100 if didn’t win LOT 1, LOT 5 $150 if didn’t win LOT 1 or LOT 2.
  • The winning bidders will be notified via email including payment instructions on Friday 18th December.

Auction Conditions:

  • Craft are sold ‘as is’, the club takes no responsibility for any defects or repairs which may be required.
  • Payment by the winning bidder must be made via direct deposit by Monday 21st of December. Details will be provided with notification of winning bid.
  • Craft do not come with any rights to boat storage and must be removed from club premises as soon as possible (after payment).
  • There is no reserve on the craft and the highest bidder will be the winning bid. Where there are two or more bids of the same value the earliest bid will be the winner.
  • Unsold boats will be sold to the public via Gumtree or similar at the Boat Officers discretion.

Boats for Auction are stored in the following racks:

Not for auction Not for auction Not for auction
B-4-10 B-4-11 Not for auction
B-3-10 B-3-11 B-3-12
B-2-10 B-2-11 B-2-12
B-1-10 B-1-11 B-1-12

Prijon Fly
Small playboat, suit teen or small adult
0026 – LOT 1 – SOLD

Finnatic Playboat
Suit teen or small adult
Purple/ blue
0422 – LOT 2 – SOLD

Dagger Transition
Low volume playboat
Suit teenager or small adult

No number – LOT 3 – SOLD

Jackson Creek Boat
High volume
Excellent condition
0431 – LOT 4 – SOLD

Perception Corsica
0017 – LOT 5 – SOLD

Plastic white water kayak
0144 – LOT 6 – SOLD

Perception Dancers
Beginners white water kayak
X 3 all red
8301 – LOT 7 – SOLD
8100 – LOT 8
0305 – LOT 9 – SOLD

Wave Sport Habitat 74
Creek boats
X 2 both green
0424 – LOT 10 – SOLD
0423 – LOT 11 – SOLD