Matilda Bay Paddle – February 2023


The recent paddle to Matilda Bay had its challenges and rewards, as do most paddles where we rely on wind, tides and temperature.

After much deliberation and consultation regarding the forecast wind conditions, twelve club members headed off to Matilda Bay earlier than planned in an attempt to be back before the wind “picked up”. What started off to be a gentle breeze at the club, turned into a not so gentle wind coming from the south west. The wind caused a few issues with some of the boats ignoring their rudders and preferring a sideways direction which proved a little challenging at times.

A not so leisurely coffee break was enjoyed at the Bayside Kitchen in Matilda Bay. Once everyone was refreshed we headed back out to be challenged by a slightly higher than forecast headwind. Martin Wells who was an unofficial, land based photographer for the trip happened to notice a select few of the group coming ashore at Nedlands. He kindly drove them back to the club to collect cars and by the time the main group returned, all were safely back. Thanks Marty!

Some of the newer paddlers agreed that although it was a challenging trip, there was a sense of accomplishment gained and new skills learned. All in all, it was a fun day out and it was great to paddle a bit further afield than the normal peer paddles. Thanks to Bob, Geoff, Colin, Jillian, Marion, Doug, Marjan, Patrick, Suzanne, Maggie and Lorena for taking part in the adventure.

Jocelyn Sisson – Feb 2023

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